As an academic, a researcher, a mentor, a poet and an enthusiast of the psychospiritual, I am devoted to restoring meaning and inspiration to daily life.

One of my greatest joys in life is speaking to groups of all sizes and bringing lightness, humour, inspiration and meaning through honest talks and spoken presentations.

I speak about …

Soul, soulfulness and the World Soul (Anima Mundi)
Ways to find deeper meaning in day to day life
The place of symbolism from ancient times to our current era
Practices that can give even the most sensitive of us tools to navigate life
The importance of valuing people and living things
The complexity of our current planetary challenges
The archetypal nature of group/team/organisational dynamics

I have given lectures, seminars, short courses, conferences presentations, and informal talks, for diverse audiences including:

Women’s networking luncheons and dinners
Undergraduate and postgraduate students
Groups of academics and researchers
Large conference audiences
National sports teams

Please be in touch if you would like me to speak at your event, small or large. My location varies but I spend time in both Australia and the UK and I can pre-record a talk and/or connect in via Skype.

Louise is a genuine, kind-natured and wonderfully extraordinary, intelligent person who I would recommend her to anyone.

Louise is an inspiring speaker and coach who brings authenticity, deep listening, intelligence and wisdom to all of her work.