The World Ensouled

I am a devotee of Psyche and Soul.

On a daily basis, I contemplate the layers of symbolism inherent in the Human Condition, as outlined for us within the fields of Depth Psychology, Archetypal Psychology and Astrology and other Oracular symbolic languages.

My daily life for the past five years has revolved around a hunger that I have for the psychospiritual and metaphysical arts and sciences.

This work of passion has culminated in many volumes of journal notes and has become an Autoethnographic and Phenomenological research study in and of itself.

There are a number of propositions laid down by James Hillman, Marie Louise von Franz and Jung himself, that I humbly endeavour to explore in my inquiry.

I completed my original PhD research at the end of 2009.

Since then, I have been gradually developing a process of daily contemplation and inquiry. This has led me to embrace a Contemplative lifestyle.

I share my contemplations as poetry (Poetry by Louise) and photographic forms of self-expression.

I intend to continue with this research as a personal and professional endeavour.

My research is currently self-funded and self-directed. This has its advantages and its challenges.

I enjoy speaking about this fascinating research to any audience and am available for lectures, seminars and workshops.

If you feel called to connect, I look forward to hearing from you.